Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ Tripod Review

Today on The Slanted Lens, we are checking out Vanguard‘s all-new line of bags and tripods- the Alta Pro Series. I will be reviewing the Vanguard Alta Rise and the Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263CT Carbon-Fiber Tripod specifically, so let’s take a look!

The Alta Rise

I personally really enjoy Vanguard’s bags. They have all types, from rollers like the Alta Fly to backpacks like the Alta Rise. I took the Alta Rise to Cuba with me a while back and absolutely loved it! The Alta Rise 45 is perfect for travel as it isn’t too bulky, and I loved the side access it offered. This entire series also has great compartments for carrying tripods which makes moving around a lot easier and much more hassle-free. I think these new Alta Pro Series Bags from Vanguard are wonderful, but I want to spend more time talking about the tripod.

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The Alta Pro 2+ 263CT Tripod

This tripod is carbon-fiber so it’s lightweight. I love the leg extensions- I only need one hand to turn, extend, and then lock which is incredibly convenient! The center column raises to a height of about 63.8″, so I have no trouble working with it at eye-level. However, the height of a tripod is not usually what concerns me. I often care most about how close I can get to the ground with it.

The legs on this tripod adjust so that you can drop them out to the side and bring the column up, but the best part of this tripod is that you can then swing that column around and get your camera just barely off the ground. I love it! It can hold up to 15lb. so it is great for any DSLR on the market. It could handle the weight of some of the smaller video cameras, but I would suggest that this tripod is better suited for shooting stills.

The Color of this Alta Pro 2+ 263CT is also really great. The slate grey and black won’t cause any distraction or interference on a set, and it won’t be reflecting the light coming off of cars, etc. if you are on location. It blends in very well on set. 

Now, the carbon-fiber tripod does not come with heads, you would have to choose the head you want separately. The other versions, however, come with packages, such as a ball head or a grip head. The tripod also has an extra 3/8″ place for an extra spud or some other element to put on the camera. I currently don’t know what I would use that for, but I’m sure now that I know it’s there I will find a time when I desperately need it!

Carbon-Fiber vs Other Materials

If you are looking to invest in a tripod, I would highly recommend buying this Alta Pro 2+ 263CT carbon-fiber tripod. They just really make a big difference in terms of weight and durability. However, if money is tight, aluminum tripods are good, too! Vanguard is a great company and I love their tripods- I have some that are 3-4 years old and they are still going strong, and I expect the same out of this new Alta Pro.

We’ll keep you updated on how this tripod does as we continue to use it on set.

Keep those cameras rollin’ and keep on clickin’!

-Jay P.


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