Corporate Headshots- 3 Looks in 30 Minutes

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Today on The Slanted Lens we’re looking at a fast, effective way to take 3 different styles of corporate headshots in less than an hour!

Corporate Headshots

When you are shooting corporate portraits and headshots, especially when shooting for magazines, people are going to want more than one look! They may ask you for an environmental shot, one that looks like it’s been shot in a studio, and maybe a shot that looks a bit more formal.

This requires you to have more than one background that you can change out quickly on location. You can also set up a few different areas with different looks if you have more space. You also need to consider that these clients usually don’t have much time! I once took some headshots for an IHOP executive who told me I had 15 minutes to get everything I needed! Moral of the story: have everything prepared beforehand and then get the job done quickly.

My Simple Setup

You don’t need a bunch of equipment, either! This shoot required one Dynalite Softbox, a rim light, and some simple reflector cards. I also brought in 2 simple backdrops and we were ready to get shooting! For the last group shots I took I managed to get that down to just one softbox! So use your environment and see what you can do!

In the end, all of his shots took about 45 minutes, and we managed to get about 5 different looks instead of 3! So there you have it! It is possible to take good corporate headshots in less than an hour!

Keep those cameras rollin’ and keep on clickin’!

-Jay P.


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